I am putting this together because I have had many requests for info regarding ESSIAC.
This info may save a life if you, a friend or family member has Cancer, or a family history of Cancer!!
Some of my close personal friends have actually started using it with great results!
A good friend of mine (Country Music Singer Tracey K. Houston, Nashville) turned me on to Essiac.
It saved her life. I thought I would pass along all this info and hope it will help someone else.
(I know if you use it, it will help)!!!!!
Only side effect I have found is that it cures Allergies!!   (!! At least it did mine !!)

I was diagnosed with advanced Stage 3 Cancer in June 2014, and also had Cancer in my Lymph Nodes. My cancer was accidentally found when I went in to see my doctor because of shortness of breath. The checkup involved an Ex-Ray. They noticed something on my right lung! I went in right away for a biopsy and was told it was advanced stage 3 Cancer!! They started me on treatments right away (July & August 2014). Treatments involved Radiation
(5 days a week for 10 weeks) and Chemo (1 day a week for 10 weeks).

I was fininshed with all my treatments Sept 1, 2014. The day I finished my last Chemo treatment, I started taking the ESSIAC TEA. I did not want to take the tea until I had finished Chemo........
I had my first Checkup/CAT Scan in Dec 2014 and the Doctors were amazed that all my Cancer was gone! My Radiology Doctor, Dr. Mi, was so excited he even called me at home to tell me the good news!! My Oncologist was amazed!! (Her Words)!!

Jerry Cochran  Houston Texas

The first of August 2014 I had planned on going to Nashville for a big show there.
I wrote a friend of mine (Tracey K. Houston) and told her I would not be able to make the trip due to my
up-coming Cancer treatments.
This is the original note I received from Tracey
AND the REASON I started using ESSIAC!

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From: Tracey K Houston
To: Jerry W. Cochran
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2014 8:20 PM

You have Stage 3 lung cancer???? I didn't know about that! I'm SOOO sorry! :( It must have been very recent because only recently you said you wanted to come to Nashville for the Aug 3rd rockabilly benefit show here. Wow! I'm so sorry, but glad the doctor's prognosis is good!

Teddy didn't say much about how his health is doing. :( I did send him a get well card awhile back. I guess he received it, it didn't come back to me. :)

Prayers are with you for you to kick cancer and regain your health! I am a cancer survivor as well. However, because the Oncologist here in Nashville gave me such a short time ("two weeks") to live, I chose NOT to do chemo and radiation... my reason to her was, "well if I have such a short time to live, then I want quality not quantity, and chemo and radiation isn't going to do me any good in such a short time, except make me sick, for sure kill me (chemo kills all the GOOD and bad cells), and I'd lose all my hair, what's left of it.

Instead, I chose to go the natural route, Essiac Tea, and told her so. She asked what that is, I told her to research it, but it's a natural cancer cure, discovered by Canadian nurse Renee Caisse (Essiac spelled backwards) in the 1920s.

Even JFK's doctor used it. Of course regular MD's won't tell you about it because it doesn't make them any money... and the FDA and Insurance companies sure don't want this natural cancer cure getting out! Cancer is big business for them! They don't want to cure cancer! If you want to research it, here's the website:

I'm a walking testimonial that it DOES work! In early 2002 I had "two weeks" to live... later that year, Memorial Day weekend to be exact, when I went to the Cancer Foundation in Canada and saw two specialists up there, they both gave me a clean bill of health! :) A positive mental attitude, a fighting spirit and a natural cancer cure, all go hand in hand! :) Prayers are with you!

Tracey K

On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 9:09 PM,
Jerry W. Cochran

Hi Guys,
Great News!! Just wanted to let you know that I remain Cancer Free after 1 ½ years!! Have to go back in four months for another Scan. I am convinced that me taking ESSIAC tea is the reason I am completely cancer free.

I have had some requests as to where one can get ESSIAC. Here are a few links to help you. There is a wealth of information on You Tube about Essiac.


You should really take the time to watch this on You Tube! If you have cancer, know someone who does, or have a strong history of cancer in your family, I would STRONGLY suggest you get started on ESSIAC as soon as possible. It does work and could save you thousands of $$'s and maybe even your life!!

Essiac and Cancer: The Story of Rene Caisse and Essiac Tea!


I started off using a full dose of the Essiac tea the day I finished Chemo!

When I finished the tea, I started taking these Soft-gels. I have been taking these for the past year and will take them from now on to prevent the cancer from returning.
Oh, there is one side effect that I know of and that is that it will cure any allergies you may have!


You Tube Videos RE: ESSIAC

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How To Cure Cancer with Vitamin B-17

The B-17 will also cure Cancer. I take the B-17 along with the Essiac to make sure I  keep the cancer from returning!!!!!!!!

Buy it here:

If you should have any questions, you can contact me at:
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